Fil-Am Church Holy Bible

Statement of Faith

We believe the Holy Bible is the inspired Word of God to man and is the only basis for any sound of faith. The Bible is inspired, infallible, and the authoritative Word of God. It is the sole authority for our faith and practice. Any other statement of faith is only a guideline in interpreting the written and living Word of God.

We believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, the priesthood of the believer, the autonomy of the local church, and the cooperative spirit between the churches in carrying out the mission of our Saviour.

We believe in a regenerated church membership and that conversion experience is a prerequisite to a church membership.


Our mission is to spread the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ, to build up and strengthen fellow believers in Christ, and to serve, as Christ did, so that people will come to know him.